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  • Ball screw design

    Custom designBecause of the variety of machines now, there is no standard ball screw that can meet the requirements of every machine. Ball screw manufacturers may modify and use other materials or finishes to make a screw for your machinery. Design together customized equipment with your special requirements.The standard function of the ball screw on the wiper.The wiper at each end of the lead screw maximizes performance by helping to transfer lubricant in the thread and preventing foreign matte

  • German high quality ball screw machining center in China

    The world-recognized veteran German Thomson ball screw machining center is currently well sold in the Chinese market. Its advanced nature and high quality are unparalleled. Because the ball screw is in great demand and the precision is high, the introduction of this A high-brand machining center is very necessary. The production of Thomson ball screws is mainly concentrated in the United States and Germany. At present, most of the Thomson ball screws sold in the Chinese market are produced from

  • nuohe brand continues to expand in the application field of ball screw

    nuohe brand ball screw Co., Ltd. is committed to the R D and production of non-standard ball screw. nuohe brand ball screw has been used in more fields. Sometimes customers make some strange shapes of ball screws, and they are not sure where they are used. There is always one thing for sure, with the development of productivity, the degree of automation is constantly improving. The application of scientific research results in practice has once again promoted the development of productivity, ma

  • China's future robot industry development and new technological revolution

    As we all know, since the 1980s, there has been a wave of deindustrialization in developed countries. Its main characteristics are: (1) In developed countries, the labor force has rapidly shifted from the primary and secondary industries to the tertiary industry. , Steel, consumer electronics and other manufacturing industries that had advantages in the past continue to weaken, the proportion of manufacturing in the country’s GDP has continued to decrease, and the service industry has become mo

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