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Ball screw design

Custom design

Because of the variety of machines now, there is no standard ball screw that can meet the requirements of every machine. Ball screw manufacturers may modify and use other materials or finishes to make a screw for your machinery. Design together customized equipment with your special requirements.

The standard function of the ball screw on the wiper.

The wiper at each end of the lead screw maximizes performance by helping to transfer lubricant in the thread and preventing foreign matter from contaminating the lead screw.

90% efficiency minimum - high efficiency and reliable rolling contact performance of bearing ball in ultra smooth, precision grinding ball groove.

Controlling the backlash - the axial clearance of the precision ball screw reduces the need for the application program and thus runs smoothly.      

The actual lead shown on the standard precision ball bearing screw will be accurately accumulated in specific inches per foot, determined by mechanical and demand.

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