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German high quality ball screw machining center in China

The world-recognized veteran German Thomson ball screw machining center is currently well sold in the Chinese market. Its advanced nature and high quality are unparalleled. Because the ball screw is in great demand and the precision is high, the introduction of this A high-brand machining center is very necessary. "The production of Thomson ball screws is mainly concentrated in the United States and Germany. At present, most of the Thomson ball screws sold in the Chinese market are produced from Thomson's factory in Wolfschlugen, Germany. The processing center in China adopts the technical standards of our German factory. "Thomson China Sales Manager Ma Yilei introduced, "Our raw materials, equipment and technology all adopt German original factory standards. At the same time, colleagues from Germany will also ensure the high consistency of our products."    The establishment of the Chinese processing center , Will greatly provide Thomson's service to the Chinese market. "While guaranteeing quality, the processing center will enhance our service to a higher level. Whether it is delivery time or maintenance, it will maintain the same international leading level as our product quality and performance." Ma Yilei said.

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