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Development history of linear guideway

Linear guide rails were invented in Europe as early as the 18th century. Because of the large air gap of linear motors at that time, the efficiency was very low, making it difficult to apply. It can only be used to simply deal with experimental problems and cannot be put into practical applications. Kollmorgen also introduced it in 1970, but due to cost issues, it is difficult for the guide rail to be used in real life.

Until the recent 30 years, linear guides have gradually developed and been widely used in some special manufacturing fields. Linear guides began to be used in various machinery manufacturing industries in the 1990s. Now some ball screw technologies in the world Advanced machining center manufacturers have gradually begun to use guide rails on high-speed machine tools. Nowadays, many large-scale enterprises in the world have their own specialized production, processing, and processing procedures, and also have their own specialized technical research and development teams, and the technology is constantly Maturity.

Linear guideway plays an irreplaceable role in the movement of machine tools. It plays a leading role in it, which makes linear guide still have great development space and potential in the future automation production industry

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