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Installation precautions and installation methods of linear guide rail

 Linear guides are called linear guides. Foreign or Taiwanese call them linear guides, But in China, it is generally called linear guide directly. So today the editor of the linear guide rail manufacturer will explain to you the installation precautions and the detailed steps of the installation method! Friends who don't understand, come and see!

The linear guide rail will inevitably show shortcomings in its application. In order to reduce the disadvantages and ensure more safe use, please pay attention to the following four precautions when assembling the straight guide rail:

(1) Before installing the linear guide, carefully check and clean the burrs and dirt on the working table of the installation machine. Because the linear guide is coated with anti-rust oil, please wipe it clean with cleaning oil before installation. The reference surface after the rust preventive oil is removed is easy to rust. It is recommended to apply a low-viscosity spindle lubricant.

(2) Tighten the stop screws of the linear guide in order to make the rail abut the horizontal mounting surface. Use a torque wrench to tighten the assembly bolts to the specified torque. The tightening sequence of the linear guide assembly bolts is to tighten them sequentially from the center position to the shaft end, so that stable accuracy can be obtained.

(3) The remaining linear guides are also installed in the same way until the installation is completed.

(4) Drive in the hole cover into the assembly bolt hole until it is on the same plane as the top surface of the linear guide.

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