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Causes of linear guide rails not moving or stuck Caton

Linear guide slider has higher rated load than linear bearing, and can bear a certain torque. It can realize high precision linear motion under high load. However, the operation of linear guide slider still needs attention,

  1. Do not run the linear guide without lubrication. linear guide rail  has been filled with lubricating oil before delivery. If you want to clean it, dry it first and then add lubricating oil.

  2. Do not disassemble the parts of the linear guide slider at will, so as not to affect the accuracy and flexibility.

  3. Please do not hammer with hard or sharp tools when installing the linear guide block.

  4. After installation, don't let any object hit it at overspeed. If the plastic part breaks, Steel ball will roll out and the slider will fall.

  5. Do not arbitrarily install non-compliant steel ball on the linear guide slider

  6. Do not remove the slider from the linear guide. If it is necessary to unload it, be sure to align the auxiliary linear guide first and then remove the slider.

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